Bringing Baseball Back With WPIX11

2-Time Emmy-Winning Campaign

     In 2016, WPIX11 became the first channel to air both mets and yankees games on the same channel.  In order to celebrate and publicize this milestone, L-Vision was called upton to conceptualize and shoot a patently new York style ad spot. 

L-Vision brought together the Talents of professional skater adam zhu, legendary graffiti artist keo, visual artist Arvid logan, and Music producer sporting life to create a mesh of new york art.  The result was an emmy winning portrait of life in downtown manhattan.


L-Vision Produced a second campaign in 2017 featuring Local artists and influencers such as Jamillionaire of Major Lazer, Nigel Sylvester, Jon Seymour, and more.


This sEcond campaign also won an Emmy in the Same Category the next year.