Working With The New York Times to Break Journalistic Ground

     In the Early months of 2017, L-Vision was approached by the New York times to film footage of Hart Island as part of a piece about Hart Island.  Hart Island is an island owned by the New York Department Of Corrections where unclaimed bodies are buried.

     Since the Department of Corrections does not allow the filming of burials on the island, drones are a perfect solution to getting high-quality stable footage without causing a commotion on the island.

     L-Vision took the lead in navigating the complex legal framework of flying new New York City and delivered brilliant cinematic aerials of the island as well as never before seen footage of an active burial on Hart Island.  Our work also uncovered the first evidence of several cadavers used by the Einstein School Of Medicine whose existence had been denied by the Department of corrections.

     Since the publishing of the piece, legislation has been introduced to the New York State legislature to lift the veil over the secretive practices on Hart Island.  L-Vision has since worked with The Hart Island Project as well as the Daily Mail to acquire more footage and data about Hart Island and our work has been featured in publications all over the world.

    Our work with the Hart Island Project has extended into more accurate mapping of Hart Island as well as collection  of GPS data on a specific section of the island known for containing victims of the AIDS epidemic.

     We are glad that our work has contributed to positive change in the history of Hart Island as well as assisted in gathering more data about the millions of lives that have ended at there.