L-Vision is an Emmy, Telly, and Sundance Award-Winning full-service creative studio specializing in film production and emerging technology.


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Highly Experienced

Our team has decades of film and tech experience.  We know how to deliver amazing results every time.


Tech isn't the only focus here.  We are artists who utilize multiple platforms and media to create amazing content. Let us show you what we can do from behind the lens.

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INSURED & FAA Certified

We've got the legal stuff covered. All of our operators are FAA Part 107 certified.  We are also fully insured.


Freefly Alta

A beast in the sky that can carry heavy payloads ranging from cinema cameras like ARRIs and REDs to DSLRs that can shoot ultra hi-res 50 megapixel stills.


DJI Inspire 2

Our most agile and versatile craft.  Shoots 5.2K24p and 4K60p Cine DNG RAW on a MFT sensor that can sport lenses of multiple focal lengths.  Capable of 2 operator mode for more precise camera control.


Phantom 4 Pro Plus

For those who want beautiful aerials in a small package.  Shoots brilliant 4K at 60 fps and is ready to fly in minutes.  It also sports a 1/2 inch sensor for a boost in image quality over others in its weight class.


DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Our Smallest and most portable drone.  It can be ready to fly in seconds and is a great option for on the go shoots with limited packing space.  Did we mention it shoots beautiful 4K footage?

Camera Packages

We are pleased to offer a variety of camera packages both for use on our productions or for rental.  These cameras include the RED Helium, ARRI Alexa Mini, Canon 5D Mark 3 and much more.  We also have a selection of cinema lenses and accessories like monitors, wireless down-links and stablilizers like the Movi Pro.